The BBC is now a pro-Brexit channel, aren’t you angry about it? FIGHT BACK!!!

Article written by Ezereal

As many of you know it, the BBC seemed pretty fair/balanced in the past and relatively progressive but things recently changed and it is now a channel promoting the far-right ideology (inviting Bannon to events for example, a man whose hate for the Jews is well-known) and Brexit.

Some people started to fight back their own way, as this Facebook page proves it.

Indeed, British viewers pay licence fees, it is the main way the BBC gets funded and that’s why it is absolutely unacceptable to see it behaving like Brexit TV given a major part of these funds come from Remainers! As a result having a balanced cover would certainly be the fair thing to do, giving a voice to all those paying for it.

If at least the rest of media was more balanced it wouldn’t feel that unfair but that’s not even the case with all groups belonging to the Australian, conservative billionaire Rupert Murdoch and other billionaires from the UK/US with clear conservative views.

But then, what can you do? Well, there’s this Facebook rebellion I talked about when it comes to the BBC but there is also another way: this blog got created in order to give people from all over Europe an independent voice, and particularly people in the UK given how unbalanced their media space is. The official blog of the FBPE allows you to write for it through short articles (to make it an easier and faster way for you to express what you feel) so if you have something to say about Brexit, the EU..etc..just contact us in order to be published (after review of the article).

You now have a voice thanks to this participative platform, be loud 😀