A Week in the Life of Brexit

                                This article was written by Pilar Gomez

As I write this, politics in the United Kingdom is literally sinking in a sea of chaos. This week Parliament has been treated with utter contempt by a government using desperate can kicking techniques to avoid losing the vote on the Withdrawal Agreement. This was a pointless exercise, there is not going to be a change to that deal which will satisfy the House.

Mrs. May, the PM was challenged by a faction of MPs on the right of her party, the so-called European Research Group who are led by people such as Jacob Rees Mogg, who are determined to make us Brexit come what may, even if that means leaving with absolutely no arrangements or transition period. We were possibly looking at the further chaos of a Conservative Party leadership election but Mrs. May appears to have escaped this danger to her position for now as she won by 200 to 117 votes. It was a feverish melodrama of stuffed shirts and chinless wonders laughing and cheering at the result as if it was some jolly game. It was all over in less than 24 hours and resulted in a weaker prime minister and a foolish looking ERG who immediately tried to spin the line that the margin in the no confidence vote was not big enough to keep the Prime Minister safe whilst at the same time trying to reinforce their view that the slim margin, less than 4%, of the EU referendum result was absolutely set in stone and we have no rights as voters to another opportunity to look at the reality and vote again. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, continues, even at this eleventh hour to avoid following the preference of 70% of his party for a second referendum and does not seem willing to set in train any of the events that could possibly lead to this with the help of other opposition parties.

We now don’t really know when the deal comes pack to parliament. There is much suspicion that government is simply trying to tick the clock down, leaving parliament in a position that the only options they are left with are Mrs Mays deal and a disastrous No-deal. Debates are being denied by government next week. We all fight on for the right for a #peoplesvote referendum. The momentum was with us until May deferred the vote, but this is certainly no time to give up.


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