Two poems by Pilar Gomez


2 years suspended
Uncertain futures
A life of broken plans
A Home with a bolt on the door
Who will slide it open?
Will they unlock it and when?
Aged old friends too embarrassed to think
Too frightened to look lest they feel the burn of
personal responsibility.
Sops and platitudes rain down
as cold projectiles of hail
fueling grieving resentment freezing forgiveness
Slowly dwindling to silence then distance.

‘We didn’t mean you’.
Too proud to admit your error
You hide behind these words with your fake tans
and polished smiles.
Your Marks suits and empty eyes.



An open horizon beckons its hope to excited people
A reflection in the sunlight of potential new fates
Children learn languages
Parents, new skills
Beautiful girls learn words of passion
whispered by lovers on strange moonlit shores.
Students pack sweet memories in their rucksacks,
currency for their life ahead
We can breathe in our freedom
We can drink it’s energising adventure
We pack our bags with glee
undiminished by our pasts, undeterred from our future possibilities
We remove freedom from those
we would punish for bad choices

yet we have done no wrong –
so why send ourselves into solitary confinement.